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Superland was Interviewed by Hip Seng Group about its Business Story

New World Development Company Limited, a leading engineering company in the industry, has always been a closed partner of Superland Group. Previously, Mr. Ng Chi Chiu, the Chairman and Executive Director of the Group, was interviewed by the Hip Seng Group of the New World Development and shared the story of starting up and running a business.

During the interview, Mr. Ng shared that his philosophy of life is to find one’s own goal and focus on it persistently. Other than that, craftsmanship with responsibility and quality is also essential. The success of Superland Group is undoubtedly contributed to these positive values shared among the management team and employees.

Mr. Ng also introduced the corporate cultures of Superland Group, including how to benefit our employees, achieve cohesion among them and make contributions to the community through comprehensive training programs, team activities and voluntary social services. It is believed that respect and trust can only be gained by dedication to work and sincerity to people. The Group’s management will uphold the core value of people-oriented management, strive to lead the Group to succeed and create higher value for the clients.


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