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Superland was awarded “Listed Company Awards Of Excellence”

Superland Group Holdings Limited, the parent group of Success Base Engineering Limited and Oodles Systems Limited, has been awarded “Listed Company Awards Of Excellence” by Hong Kong Economic Journal for the first time, in recognition of our strive for excellence under the pandemic.

Since its successful listing in 2020, Superland has gained reputation amongst the industry and our customers for the outstanding business development and corporate governance. Superland has remained fearless under the pandemic and challenging economic environment, and has led Success Base and Oodles to bring innovations to the market. We pride ourselves on integrating cutting-edge technology with our fitting-out services. Through our competitive strengths, we have developed an array of innovative solutions that in turn benefits the public.

Looking forward, we will adhere to our motto “Always Shoulder the Responsibility; Hard Work Does Pay Off”, and strive to maintain our competitive edge through technological innovation to reach new heights.


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