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Superland Group participated in the Belt and Road Summit 2020

Superland Group Holdings Limited (“Superland Group” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; stock code: 0368.HK), is pleased to announce that the Group presented and demonstrated its latest technologies and technical solutions at the Belt and Road Summit 2020. Such technological development was expected to attain business diversification.
Jointly organized by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Belt and Road Summit 2020 (“Summit”) would be held from 30 November 2020 to 1 December 2020. It would serve a premier international platform for promoting business collaboration along the Belt and Road. Over 30 companies from various Hong Kong services sectors, include banking and financial services, conglomerates, infrastructure development, professional services, technology and innovation, transportation and logistics services, and investment agency exhibited and showcased. The Group is honored to exhibit with Cyberport and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, etc. for the technology & Innovation sector. Senior Government officials and business leaders from countries and regions along and beyond the Belt and Road will gather in the Summit to exchange their insights on multilateral co-operations and explore concrete business opportunities.
The Group broadcasted and demonstrated its latest technologies and technical solutions. It developed a service platform combining a large number of interior design, matching services, online shopping and up-to-date market intelligence. The innovative technologies were fused with the traditional fitting-out industry which brought an exceptional experience to users.
The Group developed different technologies, including smart Oodles 720 interior design application developed by its professional team. Users can realize the future home by carrying out real-time panoramic design through Oodles 720 that they are no longer restricted to any time and any place. The Group also made a breakthrough on developing a virtual environment surrounded by 3D projection images. It could bring an immersive visual experience to multiple people. Moreover, the Group developed 3D Scanner providing accurate electronic ruler function to increase the operation efficiency. Such technologies and technical solutions would bring an exceptional experience to both the general public, fitting-out, interior design and construction and property market industry.
Mr. Ng Chi Chiu, Chairman, CEO and executive Director of the Group, said, “It is our honor to participate in the Belt and Road Summit 2020 and demonstrate our leading technologies to the market. We target to apply in fitting-out, interior design and construction and property market industry in the future and drive the growth of our business.”
About the Superland Group Holdings Limited Superland Group Holdings Limited is an established contractor based in Hong Kong with over 15 years of operating history providing fitting-out services and repair and maintenance services. It has provided services for a number of prominent property projects of established property developers in Hong Kong, including Victoria Harbour Residence, Phase IV of LOHAS Park, St. Martin, Victoria Dockside, Fleur Pavilia, Mount Pavilia and The Spectra. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, the Group ranked third among fitting-out contractors in Hong Kong market with a market share of approximately 1.2% in 2018 in terms of revenue.


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