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Superland Group will continue to upgrade its fitting-out solutions platform

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Superland Group (368.HK) is an established contractor based in Hong Kong and was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2020. Success Base, a subsidiary of Superland Group, with over 16 years of experience in providing construction and fitting-out services, and is supported by a team of professional construction elites with relevant qualifications to various local landmark engineering projects. Success Base understands the key pain points in the industry, including manpower inefficiency, excessive time costs, miscommunication issues and etc. In view of this, we developed our own innovative technological application, Oodles, and provided a series of technological solutions since early February 2021. Oodles addresses the challenges in construction projects, increases project productivity, and helps the construction industry in achieving standardization, transparency, professionalism and specialization.

Superland Group understands the pain points encountered by developers, designers and users in renovation projects, including manpower inefficiency, excessive time cost, miscommunication issues and etc. The Group is dedicated to delivering one-stop renovation and design solutions which aim to provide users with a brand-new experience. In February 2021, the Group integrated multiple renovation technologies that have been commonly used in the engineering industry for a long time, and developed its own technology brand, Oodles. There are four major technologies, namely Oodles Scanner, Oodles 720, Oodles Cube and Oodles Transformer, which improve industry productivity, operation efficiency and reduce errors, for instance, measurement and scale errors.

Superland strives for perfection and continuously strengthens Oodles' technology. Oodles' technology has recently been deployed to “The Met. Azure", a new residential project in Tsing Yi. The innovative technology contributed to increasing sales of flats, raising topicality of the new residential project, and providing a brand-new experience in flat selection.

In the future, Superland will continue to upgrade the one-stop fitting-out solutions platform, solve the pain points of the construction projects, increase efficiency and achieve standardization, transparency, professionalism and specialization. At the same time, the Group will actively expand e-commerce services and implement the new concept of “you buy what you see" to provide users with a new living experience.


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