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Superland Group would strengthen technology and technical solutions

Enhancing business diversity to enhance fitting-out business



Superland Group Holdings Limited (0368.HK), is pleased to announce that the Group will strength technology and technical solutions to enhance the diversity of its business and serve a broader group of potential customers and related market.


In recent years, there have been rapid technological advancements in the technical devices applied in the fitting-out industry, which have improved the industry’s efficiency and work quality. It is expected that the fitting-out industry would potentially grow in line with such technological advancements. Have been exploring and applying up-to-date technologies to develop and formulate strategies, the Group would further aid the future growth and possible expansion of its fitting-out business to serve a broader group of potential customers and related markets.


By applying its internal resources, the Group will commercialise the Group’s existing and future technologies and technical solutions, including but not limited to, virtual reality technology, digital design services and three-dimensional laser scanning, by offering them to the market.


Such technologies and technical solutions would help to enhance the existing fitting-out operation efficiency that the Group could perform work in a more accurate and cost-effective manner. They would also allow visualisation and easy amendment of the fitting-out design and reduce the chance of reworks and errors, with a view to minimise human errors and prevent incurring additional cost to rectify defects.


Mr. Ng Chi Chiu, Chairman, CEO and executive Director of the Group, said, “Apart from remaining focus on developing the existing businesses, the Group will strength technology and technical solutions to diversify its revenue stream and create synergy effect, which is expected to benefit the Group and Shareholders as a whole.”



About the Superland Group Holdings Limited

Superland Group Holdings Limited is an established contractor based in Hong Kong with over 15 years of operating history providing fitting-out services and repair and maintenance services. It has provided services for a number of prominent property projects of established property developers in Hong Kong, including Victoria Harbour Residence, Phase IV of LOHAS Park, St. Martin, Victoria Dockside, Fleur Pavilia, Mount Pavilia and The Spectra. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, the Group ranked third among fitting-out contractors in Hong Kong market with a market share of approximately 1.2% in 2018 in terms of revenue.

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