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Superland Interviewed by MythFocus about Oodles’ Development

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Considering the speedy technological developments around the globe and the scarcity of land in Hong Kong, smart homes and transforming furniture solutions have become increasingly popular and well recognized by the public. To capture these valuable but fleeting investment opportunities, Superland Group has been devoted to developing Oodles in order to integrate advanced technologies into home designing and fitting-out projects.

Mr. Ng Chi Chiu, the Chairman and Executive Director of the Group, was interviewed by MythFocus earlier to share the brand concept and the four core technological solutions of Oodles. The interview covered the possible ways of Oodles’s solutions in facilitating ideal home realization, and discussion about recent development and applications of different kinds of technological projects in Hong Kong, as well as in the engineering industry.

The integration of innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship can certainly improve industry productivity and operation efficiency, elevate user satisfaction and reduce measurement errors and scale errors.

In the future, the Group will continue to seize opportunities brought by innovation and technology, improve techniques, and seek to provide the market with one-stop home solutions that fully meet the demands of individuals, corporate users, and industrial users.

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