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Superland Group was awarded the "Junzi Corporation Award"

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

In society today, the expectations of the general public towards corporations are not limited to the quality of their goods and services, but also their fulfillment of social responsibility and business ethics. Superland Group Holdings Limited has been striving for business growth and has spared no effort in promoting ESG development, through means such as participating in charity services, enhancing staff welfare, establishing internal monitoring mechanisms, enhancing corporate ethics, exploring new business opportunities and protecting customers’ privacy. The Group aims to create a business environment and workplace with mutual trust, mutual assistance and mutual respect.

The Group was awarded the “Junzi Corporation Award” at the 11th Junzi Corporation Award Presentation Ceremony held by the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong last month.

This award proves that the operation principles of Superland embody the traditional Chinese values of “Benevolence, Rightness, Propriety, Wisdom and Trustworthiness”. It also demonstrates that the Group is devoted to attaining the individual goals of each stakeholder with the achievement of an all-win situation with mutual benefit, and running the business with integrity to gain trust from customers and partners alike. With this honor, the Group will continue its management and operation in the “Junzi” spirit.


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