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Superland Group was awarded the “Hong Kong Most Valuable Corporation Awards 2021”

In order to drive further evolution and breakthrough of the industry, Superland Group Holdings Limited (0368.HK) devoted significant resources to develop Oodles, an innovative one-stop fitting-out technological solution brand, to enhance operational effectiveness, service quality and user experience. Contributed to the perseverance and strive-for-excellence spirit of its professional Research and Development Team, the technology of Oodles is becoming more mature and being extensively applied to different projects. From home designing software, transforming furniture, 3D scanner to immersive projection virtual reality display system, Oodles provides a one-stop technological solution.

Recently, Oodles System Limited was honorably awarded as the “Outstanding Smart Living Revolutionary Technology Corporation” of “Hong Kong Most Valuable Corporation Awards 2021” by Mediazone Group. Oodles is unquestionably recognized for its success and its potential for further development. Oodles will continue to uphold a professional and innovative spirit in order to make a contribution to the technological and digital development of the industry.


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