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OODLES innovative technology and practical furniture solutions to bring your ideal home to life

Oodles, the technology brand under Superland Group, is providing innovative technologies and technological solutions for “The Met. Azure”, a new residential project in Tsing Yi. Potential owners can preview the future ideal home by using Oodles Cube, an immersive VR display system and Oodles 720, a smart design application. Also, Oodles launched a series of practical furniture solutions with One Collection, the market expert in providing building materials, to create a new concept of “you buy what you see" and to bring the ideal home to life.

Oodles, the technology brand of Superland Group, integrated four major technologies developed by itself, including (i) 3D scanner with accurate electronic ruler function, Light Detection and Ranging technology (LiDAR) and high-speed stereo scanning function, (ii) interior design application Oodles 720, (iii) immersive virtual reality (VR) system Oodles Cube and (iv) Oodles Transformer, innovative and transformable furniture, which are applied to different construction projects.

Oodles Cube is applied to the sales office of “The Met. Azure", a new residential project in Tsing Yi. By integrating immersive projection virtual reality (VR) display system with 3D projection technology, sound technology and sensor technology, the design layout of the new flat is brought to a curved projection screen, allowing users to take the lead in feeling the design of the new home and preview the future residence. At the same time, the system could be connected to Oodles 720, which enables users to freely rearrange the furniture, adjust colors and materials, and etc. to experience the design effects of future homes instantly.

Oodles and its partner, One Collection, have also launched a collection of practical furniture solutions in a variety of design styles. From house hunting, house selecting to furniture buying, Oodles provides one-stop services which received enthusiastic responses. One Collection, which has provided unparalleled loose furniture for local fitting-out projects, is keen to introduce eco-friendly and smart products to customers in recent years. This time, Oodles and One Collection jointly introduced a total of five furniture packages for the “The Met. Azure” project. Multi-functional movable wooden tables, hidden folding beds and other furniture are suitable for small units which give a high degree of flexibility to users to move components freely, change the use of space and bring convenience to their life.

Sueprland has always been dedicated to incorporating creative technology into its construction work to improve efficiency and support industry growth. The Group firstly brought Oodles directly to potential owners with “The Met. Azure” project that they could have a more realistic design and decoration experience on the Oodles platform. In the future, the Group will continue to seize opportunities brought by innovation and technology, improve technique, and seek to provide the market with one-stop home solutions that fully meet the demands of individuals, corporate users and industrial users.


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