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Superland Group Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) are an established contractor based in Hong Kong with over 15 years of operating history providing professional fitting-out services and repair and maintenance services.

The Group’s technology brand has been exploring and applying up-to-date technologies to develop and formulate different solutions, including virtual reality technology, digital design services and three-dimensional laser scanning, in order to foster further growth of the Group’s fitting-out business and achieve business diversification.

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Established in 2004, Success Base Engineering Limited (“Success base”) is an established contractor based in Hong Kong providing fitting-out and repair and maintenance services with the qualifications as a registered electrical contractor, registered sub-contractor and registered minor works contractor in Hong Kong. Over the years, Success Base has earned its reputation by completing a great variety of prestigious fitting-out projects which were pursued in a cost-efficient quality and timely manner.


Oodles through innovative technology and a professional team, a large number of design, matching, shopping and information are combined to allow customers to experience and foretell the home of the future. By integrating smart technologies and mega data, Oodles redefines home experience to make a smarter life.





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Superland Group participated in the Belt and Road Summit 2020


Superland Group Holdings Limited is pleased to announce that the Group presented and demonstrated its latest technologies and technical solutions at the Belt and Road Summit 2020.

Superland Group speeds up its technologies and technical solutions development


Superland Group Holdings Limited is pleased to announce that the Group would intend to speed up the development of its technologies and technical solutions.

Superland Group would strengthen technology and technical solutions


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